Search Engine Marketing Services

Our search engine marketing services help you maximize  your search engine advertising returns and help you get the most leads and purchases, and the lowest cost per action.

Search engine marketing puts you in front of your customers, at the precise moment they are ready to buy

Search engine marketing puts your customers in touch with you when they are actively looking for your product or service. Your ad is triggered in the search results page on search engines when someone types in a search term that is relevant to your chosen keyword. Search engine marketing can be an effective piece of your marketing strategy and marketing mix. It helps you go where your customers are when they are looking for you.  

Everyone uses a search engine. We use them to research products and services or when we are actively searching for a solution to a problem. There are literally tens of thousands of searches on search engines, every second. Your customers use search engines regularly and it makes perfect sense to target them on there.

Your customers might click on your ads, and not even know they are ads. Search engine ads are unique from other ads because they don’t look like a traditional ad. Because search engine ads show up above the organic search results, they help increase your visibility, and searchers are more likely to click on them first.

You can make sure the right people see your ads, so your ads convert better, by using detailed targeted settings including demographic targeting, location targeting, device bid adjustments, ad scheduling and audience targeting and negative keyword lists. Conversion tracking allows you to track and measure campaign performance so you can improve your expanded text ads, landing pages, campaign settings, and ultimately, your conversion rates.  

Show ads to people who visited your website but didn’t convert with retargeting ads. You can retarget people who visited your website with display ads, to encourage them to go back to your site again and buy your product or service.

Search engine ads can help you get more calls to your business, with call extensions. People can click a number to call you, right on your ad.

Search engine marketing ads can help you grow your business by targeting people who are already looking for your products and services and ready to purchase, by encouraging them to visit your website and helping to drive sales and leads. 

It helps introduce people to your brand. When a search result triggers your ad, someone sees your company name and is introduced to your company for the first time. Your search engine ads help create brand awareness.

We help you maximize your search engine marketing returns, with high converting ads and landing pages

Our done for you search engine marketing services help you maximize your search engine advertising returns, help you get the most leads and purchases, the lowest cost per action and help you get a higher marketing ROI.

We help you by creating and implementing high converting ads and landing pages, through testing and optimization.

We do this by having a complete understanding of your business, our expert knowledge of search engine marketing best practices, and through constant iteration and testing.

How We Do It 

Understanding Your Business

We’re all ears – In your free strategy call, we ask you all the relevant questions to help us understand what your business goals are. If you decide to work with us, we do thorough research of your business, its products and services, your potential audiences and your industry and your competitors. With that knowledge, we’re able to create a marketing strategy that’s customized to your business needs and as unique as your business. We use your new marketing strategy to guide campaign objectives and create winning campaigns that convert people from prospect to customer

We treat your brand like it’s our own – Your ad branding should match your business branding. When creating your ads, we take great care to make sure the message and tone of your ads, fits your brand voice and brand message and audience. We help bring out the brand in your business


Our Expert Knowledge of Search Engine Marketing Best Practices 

We follow best practices – We approach any new SEM campaign with the goal to get conversions, not just clicks. We don’t use a blanket approach to targeting keywords, instead targeting specific keywords that have purchase intent. Personalization is so important in marketing. We create ads that entice the user to click on them, with engaging ad copy. We use targeting options and bidding options to ensure your ad shows to the right person. Every ad should have a dedicated landing page and we do this to help increase your quality score and increase your conversion rate. Every ad we create, closely matches the landing page we create for it. We use landing page best practices to make sure the most important information comes first and that it grabs people’s attention right away and encourages them to keep reading down the page. We continually test and optimize your keywords, ads, and landing pages to help you get the most results, and the lowest cost per action

We see the whole picture – We use retargeting to create a full funnel marketing strategy


Constant Iteration and Testing

We monitor campaign performance regularly – We understand how campaign results are tied to business goals. We check your campaign performance regularly to make sure your cost per action is staying the same or going down. We are skilled in search engine marketing analysis and we have the tact and good judgment, to turn poor performing campaigns into winning campaigns

We do full testing for full optimization of your campaigns –  The difference between good campaigns and great campaigns is testing. We do thorough testing including keyword testing, copy testing, audience testing and landing page testing to help us seize on opportunities to allocate your budget more effectively and improve your campaigns. It helps ensure your ad dollars are being used efficiently and helps make sure you get the best results possible for your budget

We offer a full suite of digital marketing services:

Fully integrated, omnichannel marketing for maximum marketing ROI. We help you diversify your marketing revenue and help sustainably grow your business

Social Media Marketing Services
We help you maximize your social media advertising returns and help you get the most leads and purchases, the lowest cost per action, and help you get a higher marketing ROI

Search Engine Marketing Services 
We help you maximize your search engine advertising returns and help you get the most leads and purchases, the lowest cost per action, and help you get a higher marketing ROI

SEO Services
We help you optimize your website for search engines and help increase your organic traffic and help your site rank higher on search engines

Email Marketing Services and Chatbot Services
We help you create more powerful customer experiences and help you build trust with your audience

 Our done-for-you search engine marketing services include ad and landing page creation and optimization for both Google Ads and Bing Ads.


Audience research and industry research

PPC fraud protection (client pays the fees)

Search engine marketing strategy

Keyword strategy

Conversion tracking set up and tag management

Campaign set-up

Complete ad creation from copy writing to graphic design

Custom landing page design on your site

Campaign optimization including keyword testing, copy testing, landing page testing

Full reporting including: access to daily reports, regular email check-ins, and report reviews (phone, video call, chat)

Built To Your Business, Built-To-Scale 

When you work with us, we take care of everything for you from search engine marketing strategy to setup to management, to optimization. We offer full reporting and we promise best results and best service.   

Full Reporting

Stay in the know – You see what we see with daily reports that show the latest campaign performance and month over month campaign performance, all packaged into a simple report dashboard. Access your reports on the go or at home

We’re just a mouse click or a call away – You have questions and we have answers. You can schedule a report review with us anytime. In your review, we walk you through your report, explain campaign metrics, and provide an overview of the main takeaways from the report

See your ads – We stand by our work and we’re happy to show your professional, high quality ads during your report review

Best Results, Best Service 

Results that help you grow your business – Your goal is to grow your business and we help you get there. We create, develop and implement a search engine marketing strategy that is fully customized to your business goals. We create winning campaigns that are built to your business and built-to-scale

Consistent, predictable results – When you work with us, you’ll be assigned one account manager for the duration of your contract. It helps ensure consistent, predictable results because everyone is on the same page, at every step. Your business is in good hands, not several hands

Unmatched service – You matter to us and we want you to feel like you do. We try to ensure a smooth, frictionless experience from onboarding to reporting. We make it easy for you to get in touch with us at your own convenience, with scheduled report reviews and prompt, helpful support by phone, email, video call and chat. You’ll appreciate our periodic email check-ins and surprise gifts, that show that we care

We are your full service, trusted, branding and marketing agency. We help small businesses build their brand and grow their business

Search engine marketing puts you in front of your customers, at the precise moment they are ready to buy

It Has Purchase Intent

People who visited a website through paid search, are 50% more likely to purchase , than people who visited a website through organic search

It’s Effective

Everyone uses a search engine. There are over 63,000 searches per second. 74% of brands say search engine ads drive revenue. Businesses on average see a 50% ROI

It Increase Your Visibility

Almost half of all clicks go to the top three paid ads on the search results page (41%)

We Take Care Of Everything For You 

Search Engine Marketing Strategy, Keyword strategy 
Conversion tracking set-up and tag management
Ad copy and landing page creation
Campaign optimization

We’re here for you

Let us help you get the most leads and purchases